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"Durchbruch durch Veränderung" (translated: Breakthrough by Change) Overnight to a Bestseller

19 authors share their individual success stories and their best tools for sustainable change in life and business

Yasemin Yazan and Gönül Pehlivan brought together the 19 most interesting personalities on the topics of technological progress, strategic direction, agile leadership and transformation. On 272 pages, the authors give insights into their personal success stories and effective tools. Within a few hours, the team demonstrated its expertise: The e-book Durchbruch durch Veränderung(in English: Breakthrough by Change), which Gönül Pehlivan and Yasemin Yazan published as editors, ranked #1 in the categories adult education and way of life in the Amazon bestseller list and #3 of the Amazon Top 100 e-books.

"To be a pioneer and to follow innovative paths, to meet new tasks with passion and to feel more happiness and satisfaction, to discover and unfold the potential within us - all this is needed to spark a fire among others", Yasemin Yazan and Gönül Pehlivan describe in the foreword of the e-book. The two editors have set out with the goal of bringing together successful people who just want to combine these qualities and pass them on with the same enthusiasm. They have achieved this goal and have experienced also a breakthrough with their team of authors:

Within a few hours, the e-book was downloaded many times and ranked #1 in the Amazon bestseller lists in the categories "adult education", "way of life" and # 3 in the "Amazon Top 100 e-books".

After the e-book had so much success in German, the author team is working on further follow-up projects, also in English. If you want to stay up-to-date with the breakthrough team's activities and engage with the community, you can contact the Facebook Fanpage Breakthrough by Change:

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Durchbruch durch Veränderung
(Englisch: Breaktrough by Change)

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