As an International Keynote Speaker, Practitioner and Scientist with more than 3000 days of Experience in the Field of Digital Transformation, she is an Authority in her Field. That's why she is a welcome guest in various media.

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Editor & Multiple Bestselling Author

Yasemin Yazan is Editor and Multiple Bestselling Author at Amazon. In the context of the e-book "Breakthrough by Change", her article "The Journey with the Spaceship towards the Future" reveals the background and interrelations of changes in the market and their consequences, and gives new impulses for strategies of value creation. Both the German and the English edition of the e-book as well as the print editions became a bestseller overnight. 

And also the e-book edited by JT Foxx entitled "Success Stories: Results Don't Lie", in which Yasemin Yazan presents her success story in an article called "My Way From an Ever-Growing Caterpillar to a Wonderful Butterfly", immediately conquered the bestseller lists after its publication.

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Yasemin Yazan on TV

As an Strategy Expert and Successful Entrepreneur on Digitalization, Yasemin Yazan participates in Specialist Panels and Business Talks.

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Yasemin Yazan on the Radio

Also, Yasemin Yazan can be heard on the radio because of her expertise.

Here at ORV Radio Valentino.

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Yasemin Yazan in Online and Print Media

About Yasemin Yazan and her success is also reported in online and print media.

Here at Business Booster Today.

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