Yasemin Yazan

Entrepreneur, Speaker & Strategy-Expert
for Change Management & Digital Marketing,
Editor & Multiple Bestselling Author

Certified Top Speaker by Hermann Scherer
Top Expert by ERFOLGmagazin 2019
International Worldrecord by Hermann Scherer
top 100 trainers excellence 2019
Multiple Bestselling Author


Do you want to create a creative environment, magnetically attract high potentials and conquer the market of the future as a pioneer?
Then you not only have to understand the connections of digitization, digitalization and digital transformation, but also transfer the insights to your business.
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  • Ingo Weltz

    "I was lucky to experience Yasemin live on the topic of "Finding, binding and developing superstar professionals in the age of digitalization. That's what I call edutainment: inspiring, instructive and humorous. Totally worth seeing!"

    Ingo Weltz Owner of Zoom Internetagentur - Marken sichtbar machen
  • Janine Van Throo

    "I had the honor to spend 4 whole days with this lady. When it comes to this specific topic in IT/AI , she is phenominal. Yasemin is a true visionary. she thinks ahead and I think we better listen. The world around us is changing, we will get disrupted and she points it out very clearly.

    Her message clear: the change is comming and it is comming rapidly so we better pay attention!

    Yasemin knows what she talks about, she knows her topic and she is very fun to be with. I really look forward to see you again and spend some good laughs and time with you Yasemin!"

    Janine Van Throo Multi- Entrepeneur. International Speaker. Specialist natural sustainability of business and products
  • Wolfgang Geis

    "When we worked together as part of the Optimisation Network Business project to implement a workforce management system, particularly with regard to shaping the change process in order to achieve sustainable change, I experienced Yasemin Yazan's absolute feel for people: she grasps, in an impressive way, key interests and issues as well as the fears and concerns of key figures."

    Wolfgang Geis Head of Asset Management, Syna GmbH
  • Silvia Bottini

    “I have had the honour to work with Yasemin during an offsite in Germany in Spring 2018. She is an incredibly talented and inspiring speaker and one of those women who has the ability to bring tangible transformation in the corporate world. She is an expert in identifying those areas where performance can be ellevated to the peak and culture changed into a wealth of solid values. Her consulting style is extremely transparent, carefully delivered with appropriate and strategic feedback that aims to develop strong leadership throughout the organisation. I would not hesitate to engage Yasemin as one of your preferred transformation consultants.”

    Silvia Bottini Executive Coach, Founder and CEO of bCoached
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