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Dr. Yasemin Yazan

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Although companies spend a lot of money, the statistics have shown alarming facts for many years:

⚠️ 80% of change projects fail!
⚠️ Training and further education do not have a sustainable effect!
⚠️ 85% of employees have little to no emotional connection to the company!
⚠️ The economic damage caused by internal resignation is estimated to be between 105 and 122 billion Euros per year.

And this at a time when companies are increasingly complaining about the shortage of skilled workers.

The causes are manifold. But the definition of “[i]nsanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results,” as Albert Einstein once noted.

So, it’s time to venture into new territories – but what really helps?

Discover The Fascinating World Of Brain Research

Leverage neuroscientific findings for your business success!

Because the more we know about the functioning and operation of our brain, the more we understand why we are the way we are; why we think the way we think; why we act the way we act and why we feel what we feel.

And that enables you and your company to discover new possibilities and take new paths.

Pioneering Spirit with brAIn- You state the direction of the change!

Opening Doors – Building Bridges – Treading new Paths

Our Approach

…is holistic – focusing on people: We question, analyze, reflect, implement and check the results based on jointly predefined indicators for success. In terms of objectification, we do not rely exclusively on intuition, experience or knowledge. Instead, we build a bridge between science and practice, transfer knowledge from various areas and develop professionalism together from the intersection of knowledge and skills.

Our Mission

Anyone working in the education and consulting market bears a great responsibility. In order to live up to this responsibility, we have demonstrably neuroscientific concepts, use multimedia formats and ensure that we are up to date with the latest scientific developments through our own regular training. We only consider our job to be complete when we have demonstrably succeeded in leading your company to the agreed success.

Our Vision

Each of us has the responsibility and ability to make a very individual contribution to our society. We accompany individuals and companies towards self-efficacy. For us, this forms the foundation for a free, self-determined and democratic life!

Dr. Yasemin Yazan

Dr. Yasemin Yazan

Dr. phil. Yasemin Yazan holds a PhD in adult education and possesses a deep, neuroscience-based practical know-how. As a member of the Academy for Neuroscientific Educational Management, the Professional Association of Educational Scientists, and with over 3,000 days of experience in brain-compatible & digital transformation, she is a recognized expert in her field.

Honored multiple times for her expertise, she is listed by ERFOLGmagazin as one of the 500 most important minds in the world of success and by Speakers Excellence as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs in the German-speaking area. According to Backhaus Verlag\’s ERFOLGmagazin, the multi-award-winning expert is one of the top 500 minds in the world of success, one of the top 100 entrepreneurs in the German-speaking world as well as a publisher and multiple bestselling author.

She has interviewed personalities such as the actor, film director, and producer Mel Gibson, the global entrepreneur and investor JT Foxx, who does business in 55 countries and has clients in 104, as well as the German extreme sports athlete, stuntman, and entrepreneur Jochen Schweizer. She has already stood on the same stage as Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen, Dr. Phil, Jillian Michaels, George H. Ross, and Tony Robbins with more than 10,000 attendees.

For 17 years, she has supported (inter-) national companies by leading and accompanying (strategy) projects in the field of change management, digital marketing and employer branding. In this context, she has had the opportunity to contribute her know-how in many industries, to unleash the potential of internal specialists and to attract and retain external high potentials. Previous industries (and departments) include, among others, aviation, energy, automotive, hospitality, IT and HR.




Keynotes | Panels | Interviews

I recently had a rendezvous with my happiness 🍀

Together with  Patrik Wenke , Germany’s first HAPPYologist®, we had the pleasure of researching the fascinating interplay between change and happiness from the perspective of neuroscience.

Our venue was the DHGS campus (German University of Applied Sciences for Health and Sports) and HAM ( University of Applied Management). Our companions? The cameras of the Hessischer Rundfunk. We stood there with professional calm, ready to share our knowledge and experiences in this complex area.

Our task? Answering questions that were anything but simple: How are change and happiness related? Which findings can be adapted from neuroscience? And what other perspectives should be taken into account that offer further insights? These questions accompanied us both in front of and behind the camera.

The entire show was published as a 5-part series. Not only does it provide deep insights into the secrets of our brain and the role of happiness in change processes, but it also opens up many other perspectives on the topic.

Title of the show?  Date with happiness

Air date?  July 3-7, 2023 at 6:45 p.m

Where?  On “Die Ratgeber” on HR television

In episode 3 of 5 you can expect “ Happiness through Change”  with Dr. Yasemin Yazan.

You can also find all episodes of the “Date with Happiness” series at:

Working successfully in a team: This is how it works 🤝

The show, in which I went on a journey of discovery together with HR television and team digital to reveal the secret of a successful team, has now been broadcast on HR television and ARD. 🎉

During filming, I had the pleasure of looking behind the scenes with Wolfgang Jung , co-managing director of team digital , and exploring the recipe for a harmonious and effective team.💡

If you’re curious about what makes a team stand out from the crowd, how you can give your own team new momentum, and what team spirit really means, then this show is for you. Discover the ingredients of a good team and learn how you can apply these insights in practice. 🚀

Watch the show now and be inspired to give your team new energy and success. The secrets of a successful team are waiting for you to discover.

Title of the show? Working successfully in a team: This is how it works

Airdate?  August 14, 2023 at 6:45 p.m

Where?  On “Die Ratgeber” on HR television

You can also find the program “Working successfully in a team: This is how it works” at:


Behind The Scenes

DRIVE.ahead Panel Talk: MUT. GLÜCK. TATKRAFT am 7. Oktober 2020 | © Dirk Michael Deckbar
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Offizielles Mitglied der Akademie für neurowissenschaftliches Bildungsmanagement (AFNB)
3 Myths Debunked – When Science Creates Knowledge! | Dr Yasemin Yazan

When Science Creates Knowledge!

Unfortunately, there is a lot of false knowledge on the market. Be it because, for example, research results are misinterpreted or false causalities are made, or because they are transferred to other contexts that were not even the subject of the study.

We pick 3 myths and show what science already knows:

- Why Maslow's hierarchy of needs is not a reliable basis for motivation

- Why personality tests are questionable as a basis for personnel decisions

- Why a quota is needed as an effective measure against Unconscious Bias

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