From experience we know that the enthusiasm after the keynote is great. Key players, professionals and executives have generated new perspectives and thereby findings. This enthusiasm and energy needs to be used in the second step for the company's success. Because only the drive to try new things is not enough. Now there are relevant questions to be answered:

What exactly does that mean for our company?
How can we prepare ourselves optimally?
Where do we start?
At what point do we start?
What needs to be done by who?

As part of a two-day-strategy-workshop, of which participants we define together, the answers to these questions will be given: First, it is about transferring the findings from the keynote to your own business. One of the main tasks is to identify the gap between the actual state and the target state in order to plan the necessary projects for implementation. At the end of the two days, (sub-) projects with respective topics, responsibilities and measures are specified.

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